Animalia Collection Preview + Sketches

Animalia Collection Preview + Sketches

  I was recently accepted into an advanced engraving and metal inlay course at The New Approach School for Jewelers in Tennessee, so in preparation I have been focusing on my quality of line in engraving and shading. I'm going to use my next jewelry collection to practice even further.

  I'm not really wowed by acanthus patterns and scrollwork yet, but I find the curving and undulating shapes of animals to be just as challenging to practice. The blue drawings above are unused ideas for scrimshaw that will translate nicely to engravings.

The class will be taught by Jeff Parke, to get an idea of the skills that will be taught. I think the metal inlay will be game-changing technique for me. I will be able to add color to engravings, and I will also learn how to work on steel. I've never been into fancy watches, but it would be fun to engrave one someday.

I am calling the next collection Animalia for now. It will be illustration heavy, probably less or no gemstones, mostly in silver, and I'm thinking a few of the designs will be added to my made-to-order line temporarily.

I'm trying to focus on earrings and rings, but that heavy curb chain from my previous posts will make an appearance soon as a finished piece.

Anyway, keep an eye out for more Animalia sneak peeks this month! 

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