Complete At Last!

After 6 months of drafting this enormous 40 inch by 40 inch scarf drawing, I was finally able to have it properly photographed and digitized by the fine folks at Pearl Printing here in Portland. I am currently mapping out the intricate colors, so I figured I would keep you enticed with a peek at what the final design is looking like.  This will be printed in full color on 100% silk twill, which will add a delightful texture and sheen to the colors once complete. This is my very first surface pattern design project, and as it has been one hundred percent self-driven, it has taken me quite some time to reach this point.

I realized today as I dug up the original emails I sent to the printing house, and my initial inquiry was dated 10/20/20 - meaning I have officially been working on this scarf project for one year. It took 6 months of research, reaching out to manufacturers, and finding out what kinds of features I could offer, like double sided printing.

Although my original intention was to have this released by the end of 2021, the drafting and coloring took much longer than I anticipated, and I know that the current supply chain issues likely would also effect a rushed release. Consequently, I have vowed not to rush myself, and let the work happens at the pace it needs to happen. I know my first scarf is a big learning curve, and I will likely get faster as I become more familiar with surface pattern design. My modified goal is to at least have the final design submitted to the printer, and have a pre-order open by the end of this year - fingers crossed.

Please enjoy these detail shots of the final linework.